itional tariffs on U.S. imports worth about 75 billion U.S. dollars, c overing 5,078 U.S.
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products with addit
ional tari
ffs of 10 or 5 percent
, in two b
atches sta rting on S
ept. 1 and
Dec. 15, respectively
.The new t

ariffs will cover vehicles, auto

parts and farm produce such as soybean and corn. U.S. f

o intensify trade bullying and exert maximum pressure on China, it only strengthened China's resolve, making China stand more firmly against the U.S. bullying, and defend its legitimate rights and interests

.China has always believed that cooperation is the only means of resolving trade issues with the U.S. side, but such cooperation comes○ with preconditions. China strongly opposes U.S. trade hegemony and will never compromise on its fundamental principles. The

further some people in the United States go on their dangerous road of hegemony and bullying, the stronger the pushback they will encounter.In terms of counter measure, China means business.There is no winner in a trade war. Companies from both sides have pai

armers and